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[IP] Basal Rate Testing?

Back in June i moved out of a place i had lived for nearly 10 years.  Into 
a MUCH smaller one.  In doing so, i have mislaid my "Pumping Insulin" 
book.  I spent some time looking for it, but it is most definitely hiding 
and what with work, school, eating, and having sometime for actual 
diversion I don't have time to do an all-out search for it.

If anyone has the book (or a better memory than I) can you send me some 
notes on how to do a Basal Rate test.  My vague memory indicates that I can 
only do it starting with a blood sugar under 170, with no food for two 
hours and no insulin boluses (i'm using humalog) for 1 hour.  I then simply 
fast and test every two to four hours (the four hour time span is really 
only for overnight testing so that i actually get some sleep.)

If I am off, would you please let me know?

Thanks so much.

Miki Tracey
email @ redacted
"I think about Adam and Eve and I still believe she didn't get a fair trial"
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