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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #170

> Subject: [IP] mm paradigm
> Am I the only one that has not had any problems (knock on wood) with my
> MiniMed Paradigm pump?
> I have had it about 2 months and so far it has been great!!!  But reading
> all the emails about problems people are having
> makes me very nervous.

I am nervous now, too.  I wrote last week that my Paradigm (rec'd 4/11/2002)
had been trouble-free for a year.
Don't you know it, two days later I'm changing the battery and I get the E21
error.  So much for bragging.
MiniMed sent me a new pump overnight and, so far, it's pumping fine.  I sure
hope the folks at MiniMed are reading these posts.  Their people are great,
the service was swift, but I'm nervous.
As far as that other post about not taking the E21 too seriously, it was MM
insisted that I get a new pump.
About the batteries:  I was getting 3-4 weeks on my old (a year is old?)
pump.  We'll see with this new one.
About names...  I saw BUZZ on this list & think it's a great name.  BEEP
would work.  As for fish, how about FLOAT ?

Lee   DXed 1971  Pumping since 4/2002
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