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[IP] Re: free BD Logic Meter for Paradigm Pumpers?

Hi Everyone:

 I was just wondering, have most people using a Paradigm Pump gotten a
certificate for a free BD Logic BG meter?
 Except from other people on this list I have not heard anything about it or
received any info.
 I got my pump last June - are they maybe doing it only for people who got their
pumps recently and already have the new software that will be needed to use the
radio communication features that they will be creating?

 For those who already have this meter, how do you like it? How does it compare
to the Freestyle (espescially in size and portability)? Does it have a case that
it can stay in while you test (ie you don't have to take the meter out and put
it on a table or hold it to test ... meaning u could test on a ski lift w/o fear
of dropping it)?

Thanks for any info
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