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[IP] ease of programming

> As I have found, "If you can't program your VCR, then the pump
> might not be for you".

>>>>>And while I can program a VCR, I don't like to do it any more often than I
have to.  Call me picky, but I would consider that a "big deal."  I think a
$6000 pump ought to at least remember what it is supposed to do when.

 I have to agree that at the price that I paid for my pump I expect to be able
to program it VERY easily. As all software designers / programmers probably (and
my comp sci teacher will tell u if u don't) know - it is never the users fault
if they have trouble using a program (or their VCR or pump)... it is the
programmers fault - it was they who created the user interface. Its not
difficult or expensive for companies to give their pumps a good user interface
or functions such as the Cosmo now has and I think considering their price pumps
ought to have a decent user interface.

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