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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm problems

> Third, I got an E21 without any warning.  No "low battery", no "NO 
> POWER".  It just went straight to E21 out of the blue, for no reason. 
> Don't tell me that an E21 is "no big deal".  Minimed thinks it is, and 
> so do I if my pump just spontaneously "shuts down" and loses all 
> settings.  8 months problem-free and then this.  Not good.


    I just went through a similar scenario.  Had a E21 two weekends
    ago.  Ignored it.  Last weekend I had a NO POWER error (while
    driving a dog from one vet to another) -- popped the battery out
    at a stoplight and put it (same battery) back in and all was good.
    But obviously that wasn't correct.

    I like my first pump, which had worked flawlessly for 8 or 9
    months but decided to call MM anyway.

    The customer service rep was very nice about it, and immediately
    wanted to replace it because of the E21.  Plus - he said that the
    battery trick I did shouldn't have worked.  

    I asked him about all the failures some people were reporting, and
    about my pump, and he gave me (probably the company line) about
    these devices operating 24/7, without any maintenance, etc.  As a
    software developer, it made sense to me.  Hardware is even harder
    than software.  Shit happens.  

    Two days later my replacement pump arrived.  It's refurbished -
    it's got a lower serial number than my original -- but it looks
    nicer.  What's old and what's new?  I can't tell.  The case is
    definitely new.

    Do I care?  Yes.  It worries me that this piece of electronics
    that I am dependent on can potentially fail.  

    But the fact that MM was happy to replace it in a heartbeat makes
    me feel ok.  They stand behind their product.  It's impossible to
    guarantee perfection out of any electro-mechanical device -- they
    just have to do their best.

    When I write (and use) software -- I'd much rather a program put
    up a big flashing error message "SOMETHING UNEXPLAINED WENT
    WRONG.  CALL TECH SUPPORT" (i.e. "E21") instead of just silently
    corrupting my data.  

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