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[IP] now THIS is a HERO

Some of you may remember how unimpressed I was by Will Cross, the type 1 guy 
who walked across Alaska drinking butter in his hot cocoa in an effort to 
teach us "something" about diabetics, but NOW I have found a REAL hero for us 

I started a pump group in NYC several years ago (before I moved to tucson) 
and this guy, Dave, came one day...A marathon runner and in very good shape, 
but he had just been diagnosed with type, in his late 30s, I believe.  he 
soon started on a pump and continued with his life. A few months later he was 
hit by a vehicle while he was running...and came to the support group all 
bandaged and casted up!  That did not stop him...Below is a copy of the email 
I just got from him.....He is going to do the IRONMAN TRIATHALON....GO DAVE!  
I do not think he is a member of IP, so if you want to write to him after you 
read this, let me know and i will put you in touch 

Sara Smarty Pants

Hi all,

I have learned so much from all of you over the last two years since I
was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.   While we see each other one time a
month (at best), I consider you an important part of my life.   I cannot
thank Sara enough for forming the group and everyone else who has
supported keeping it going.

I want to share with you a piece of my life in 2003.   Having had a
recent set of very difficult years, I committed to make 2003 an
excellent one -- and also give something back to me and the members of
our world.

My Diabetic "condition" has taught me, again, of the potential strength
inside all of us that is available to turn adversity into triumph.  I
have also learned how to, with your help, integrate Diabetes into my

Lance Armstrong wrote in his book "My journey back to life" -- "But now
I knew exactly why I was riding; if I could continue to pedal a bike
somehow I wouldn't be so sick".  As we all know, Lance regained
prominence as a premier cyclist after receiving a diagnosis of terminal
brain cancer.

On my own level I have seen, via personal interactions and speaking
engagements at hospitals, that I can provide inspiration and positive
energy that helps people realize their dreams despite obstacles and/or
health challenges in their lives.

I realize that I can make a positive difference in this world and
circumstances have provided me with the tools to do so.

As such, I signed up for and have been in training for Ironman USA which
will take place on July 27, 2003.   There are only a small handful of
other Type 1 diabetics in the world that have completed an Ironman race
(2.4M open water swim, 112M bike ride, 26.2M run)

I have tied my personal race experience with fundraising for 
Diabetes-related research and care with a target of raising $60k.

The NY chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) is
profiling me on their web site.   Please see www.jdrf.org/nyc

My employer, Microsoft, published the attached article 
(attachment deleted) in the weekly
newsletter that went out to all 50k employees and was also on-line
internally.   I will be on ESPN and profiled in the June issue of
Triathlete Magazine.  A NYC PR firm is going to obtain additional media

JDRF and I have contacted over 35 companies for corporate sponsorship to
raise funds and are continuing our efforts.   While the fundraising at
an individual level is going well, we have yet to secure a corporate

Please feel free to forward this email and share this story with people
that may benefit from the positive inspiration and/or who might want to
support this effort.  The JDRF web site www.jdrf.org/nyc provides the
ability to make a donation on-line or download a form for mail in of a

May you all find 2003 to be a year of renewal in your own lives.   I
look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.

Be well,

David G. Weingard
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