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[IP] high vs. low

Lisa wrote: (re kid who did poorly on test due to low)
>  I would think it better to be alittle high, then too low.  

I totally agree....a blood sugar of 200 is not gonna kill anyone, and it is 
my PERSONAL opinion that children shouldn't be encouraged to stay as low 
as us "adults."  it is a short drop from 80 to 60 and a kid who is engaged in 
a game or something is not gonna wanna stop to treat, let alone test....I 
must say, I wasmost likely HIGH every day of my life...mom woke me up with my 
shot and a glass of orange juice....I dragged my lethargic sorry butt to 
school...and just wanted to DIE most days....usually an hour or two into 
school, i perked up (gotta love regular insulin) but usually crashed before 
lunch (poorly timed - didn't have 504 plans back then when you could request 
the early lunch, or NOT have gym right before hand).  I had a teacher ask my 
in high school WHI slept in her class....it was first period...I was TIRED I 
answered...but more honestly, I was probably HIGHER than a KITE!!!!!

STILL, even though I felt like mushed crap most of the time, I STILL managed 
to graduate in the top 20% of my class.  I earned straight As many times, 
(and in fact never got a C until the teacher who's class I slept in...).  I 
was in every club possible, took ballet and tap twice a week..all the normal 
things a kid does...I just WONDER how much BETTER I could have done if I had 
been feeling "good" everyday?  When I think of how I would like to do things 
"over," that is one of the things I would do - not to be a better diabetic, 
of course, but to see what I could accomplish - moon? harvard? rocket 
science???? hmmmmmm

Sara smarty pants, who is off for a week in the Caribbean - look out security 
- here I come!!!
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