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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #174

email @ redacted writes:
>I find it difficult to record my daughters readings also.  It's not the 
>readings that I have a problem with (all I have to do is look back in the 
>meter)  it is the carb counts in the food she eats that is what gives me the 
>problem.  She is 11 and growing and she is always eating, I think I would 
>have to follow her around with pen and paper to get accurate information.  
>It makes no sense to me to give bs if the other information is not accurate, 
>I wouldn't want the endo making changes just on the bs numbers.  My 
>intentions are good I do it for a day and then the next day we are running 
>around or I am working and not everything is written down.  I make 
>adjustments on my own and we are in some what decent control but I know it 
>could be better.  I am hoping once puberty is over and she is older that we 
>will be able to keep more accurate information.
>Judy mom to Becca 11 dx 5-00 pumping 11-02

 Have you considered using the pump's memory to write it all down at the end of
the day? I often do that my self, and agree that it would be very hard to write
down every thing a child eats.
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