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Re: [IP] Getting a Pump

At 09:26 AM 3/29/03, you wrote:
>-- at one of those convention events, i mentioned to mm, how
>important, TO ME, the backup pump from disetronic was...
>there only response was "well sure, it a disetronic,,, youd need it".
>sure... like what else did i expect them to say.
>btw, the first on in my hip, has been the only one on my hip
>len phila pa. dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02

I chose the H-Tron+ primarily for the "2-pump" deal.  (The D-Tron wasn't 
available then).  Although I use both pumps regularly (to make sure they 
both are working properly) I've only had to depend on my back up once, and 
that was when I returned my first pump to Disetronic because it had 
developed hairline cracks in the case (which while it didn't affect 
performance, they felt it should be checked out).  They replaced my first 
pump (after I had it for 2 years) with a BRAND NEW pump.  I've been very 
happy with Disetronic's service and my "2-pump" deal.  YMMV.

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