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Re: [IP] Pump choice and advice ( help for people looking at pumps)

At 08:35 AM 3/29/03, bill wrote:
>Make sure you are comfortable with the rep. They will be your contact
>with the company and this should be a good relationship. I think this had
>as much to do with our choice of the Paradigm as anything else. All 3
>reps we talked with were knowlegable and told us of the advantages of
>thier pump. Only the D-Tron guy "dissed"
>the other companies, and that wasn't very much. We also got contacts from
>each of them for current wearers of their pumps. These people were all
>happy to share their experiences. I would have felt comfortable with any
>of the companies based on our treatment by the reps.

Keep in mind, however, that the rep you have today may not be there 
tomorrow.  My Disetronic rep was a WONDERFUL person, I liked him very much, 
he bent over backwards to help me out.  Alas, he is no longer with the 
company and the rep I have now hasn't been much help about anything.

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