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Re: [IP] do you use alcohol and i.v. prep?

At 04:39 AM 3/29/03, Andy wrote:

>Alcohol swabs are _not_ considered to be a more effective skin
>disinfectant than soap and water.(1) I.V. prep may have certain
>advantages with respect to adhesion, but I don't need "notions,
>lotions and potions" to keep my cannula in place. YMMV.

I use a "prep" pad (currently IV preps, since I like the additional 
adhesion they offer) and I like to put something between me and the tape 
glue on the infusion set.  Since I have allergies to some tape glues (I can 
only wear bandaids on my hands due to getting rashes from them on other 
body areas) so I like to have something to try to alleviate that reaction 
and the preps help that for me. YMMV.

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