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Re: [IP] QuickSet infusion sites

At 06:24 PM 3/28/03, you wrote:

>     The surprise is that now ,for me, the 6mm Quickset may be the answer; no
>blood blisters or welts. More 6mm tests are inorder.    Peter

I also switched from the 9mm to the 6mm QuickSet.  While I still have a 
mark from the infusion set when I remove it, it goes away fairly 
quickly.  I also found that the 9mm sets were somewhat sore after insertion 
which is the main reason I decided to try the 6mm.  While I am not obese, I 
am not a thin person either (about 20 pounds over ideal weight), so MMs 
recommendation that the 6mm QuickSets are for children or very thin people 
is not necessarily accurate.  The 6mm work wonderfully for me with little 
or no site discomfort.  YMMV.

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