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[IP] Pump choice and advice ( help for people looking at pumps)

Just thought I would add my 2 cents worth. Having just gone throgh the
process of chosing a pump, I felt we could add some observations. We did
a lot of research on the different pumps. I contacted the pump companies
and they sent literature and videos or cds. Then the reps from MM, D-Tron
and Animas all contacted us and we made appts. They all came to OUR house
and showed us their products. Here are some of the things we felt were
 Make sure you are comfortable with the rep. They will be your contact
with the company and this should be a good relationship. I think this had
as much to do with our choice of the Paradigm as anything else. All 3
reps we talked with were knowlegable and told us of the advantages of
thier pump. Only the D-Tron guy "dissed"
the other companies, and that wasn't very much. We also got contacts from
each of them for current wearers of their pumps. These people were all
happy to share their experiences. I would have felt comfortable with any
of the companies based on our treatment by the reps.
The big thing that impressed us about Dana, our MM friend, which is how
we feel about her now, was how helpfull and patient she was. We had a
million questions and she answered them all truthfully. She them had the
pump nurse, who is a Paradigm wearer herself call and talk to my wife
about her experiences. Well over an hour phone call. Dana and Sherri also
are in our town at least once a week and they are offering monthly pump
classes on things like carb counting and bolus, basal setting, and other
things that concern pumpers.
Whichever pump you choose, I feel it is important to feel you can get all
the support you need in a timely manner. When we did our pump start
Tuesday and had a No Delivery within an hour of leaving the Endo's, it
was VERY reassuring to have both the rep and nurse call back after we had
replaced the infusion set to see if everything was ok.  
Also wanted to add that this borad has been invaluable in our ongoing
experience. Everyone is happy to help. We e-mailed wearers of different
pumps and they were very happy to offer advice and support. 
The bottom line is,  use all the resources available to you. Make the
reps let you see all their materials. We even got the training stuff from
all 3 companies so we could see what was involved with living with their
Happy Pumping
Bill and Ute

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