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Re: [IP] test scores when low

> I don't want my daughter to think
> exceptions can be made based on her blood sugars.  I also realize this
> of thing can happen on future tests and don't want her diabetes to become
> excuse for poor grades.

Why can't exceptions be made based on blood sugars?  When I'm confused due
to a low, I don't beat myself up over it.  I write it off as, "That's what
happens when I'm low."  (I can remember when I was low telling someone that
they could call 911 if they were uncomfortable dealing with a possible
unconscious low situation.  As I explained it, I got tripped up over whether
they should dial 991 or 911.  Talk about confused!)

When I had a bad insulin reaction in which paramedics were called (and by
the time they arrived I was close to normal) I was asked questions like "Who
is President of the United States?"  "What year is it?"  Ignorant answers
happen when you're low, and if they can happen about questions like that,
then they certainly can with new information.

Hopefully, your daughter won't have a low during every test.  (Unless her
insulin needs are changing, you can adjust things to avoid them most of the
time.)  But if she has a low during one (and has the blood sugar reading to
verify it), I think that sometimes, diabetes actually IS a valid excuse.
There's nothing wrong with that.  It is simply an acknowledgment of the
reality of the situation.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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