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[IP] RE: test scores when low

This situation is a major reason for having a 504 plan in place for your
daughter.  If you are in the US and your daughter is in a public school -
look into this.  If she isn't in a US public school or you live
elsewhere, look into it anyway.  My daughter (now 18) had it specifically
spelled out - that if she thought she was low (or high) during a test (or
realized it soon after) that she would be given adequate time to repeat
the test when she was feeling better.  Once we had this in place, we were
able to get the same accommodations for the SAT/ACTs and are working with
the University where she will be going to next year to get things in
place.  You just can't think right when your hand is shaking! 

A 504 spells out many things that we as parents think should be common
knowledge or common practice, but about which most people don't have a
clue.  I will be glad to send you a copy of Andrea's 504  if you like,
but check out the American Diabetes Assn., JDRF and Children with
diabetes websites - you will see alot.  Remember this is a disability -
and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  (I just had bizarre discussion
with a woman who tried to tell me that the doctor would have to verify
that Andrea's diabetes was "severe" enough to qualify as a disability.  I
was laughing when I told her to re-read the Americans with Disabilities
Act and talk to the school's lawyers.  She called back to apologize!)

I know we don't want our kids singled out, but sometimes they need our
help.  One small math test may not seem important in the big scheme, but
it was very, very important to her and that is what counts in the long
run.  That and knowing that you will stand by her and help her figure out
how to live with this diabetes thing.

Liz B.



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