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Re: [IP] test scores when low

If I remember correctly there is a federal law that provides students with
special needs the opportunity to satisfy those needs during, not only testing
but for their academic years.  We were told, our son has OCD, that we should
meet with all of his teachers at the beginning of the school year to discuss
his needs with all of them at the same time to formulate a plan.  Some OCD
children have a need to be perfect and if they make a mistake will erase a
mistake until the paper has a hole in it or the time for test is over.  This
being the case, all of the teachers would need to know what the plan is and
how it would be handled.  Your child is in this same category, has a special
need (good BG) which needs to be satisfied prior to taking the test.  You need
to work out the details with your doc and the teachers.  Since this hasn't
been done at the time of the test you wrote about, it is time to take action,
talk to your doc (get his recommendation) then go the principal with the plan,
then have a meeting with the school staff (the child's teachers and medical
staff) to implement the plan.  This will need to be done now and at the start
of every school year.  I hope this helps.

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