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Re: [IP] Re: A1c and Malingering

I find it difficult to record my daughters readings also.  It's not the 
readings that I have a problem with (all I have to do is look back in the 
meter)  it is the carb counts in the food she eats that is what gives me the 
problem.  She is 11 and growing and she is always eating, I think I would 
have to follow her around with pen and paper to get accurate information.  
It makes no sense to me to give bs if the other information is not accurate, 
I wouldn't want the endo making changes just on the bs numbers.  My 
intentions are good I do it for a day and then the next day we are running 
around or I am working and not everything is written down.  I make 
adjustments on my own and we are in some what decent control but I know it 
could be better.  I am hoping once puberty is over and she is older that we 
will be able to keep more accurate information.

Judy mom to Becca 11 dx 5-00 pumping 11-02

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