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Re: [IP] test scores when low

> email @ redacted writes:
> >My daughter (age 8) took a math test this morning while she was low and
> >couldn't concentrate.  She went to the office to check after the test and
> >was in the 50's.  She ended up getting six problems wrong on the test and
> >was very upset about it.  She had been studying her times tables all week
> >and was very prepared for the test.  Here's my question:  Do I expect the
> >teacher to let her do a make-up test? 

This sort of thing should be in her 504 plan. It is a standard item. 
When a child is low (or high for that matter). Time must be allowed 
for her to manage her diabetes and extra time can be allowed for 
taking the exams. On a SAT test, for instance, up to 50% additional 
time is allowed.

email @ redacted
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