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[IP] Re: Hives

At 10:05 PM 3/28/03, you wrote:
>RoseLea and Rachel
>I have been experiencing hives too in the last month and seen an allergist
>today. Sometimes the hives were under the sites - and needed to be changed
>because the site suddenly went bad.But the sites didn't go bad all the time.
>Hives can start 1-2 days after eating something that is an allergen. My
>hives started after taking Keflex and no I am not allergic to penicillin.
>Now I am taking a new allergy medicine - Zantac and asthma medicine -
>Singular. I am taking adderax when the hives break out. The doctor said
>somehow an antacid is supposed to block food born allergies. The hives
>stayed away on prednisone-he said to take that only on a flare up. I get to
>do skin testing in six weeks - yea! I have been pumping four years and now I
>have hives. I wonder too about the auto-immune thing too. Thanks for writing
>in! Sharon B

The doctor I saw said that hives could also be caused by something you 
inhaled as in air pollution or such.  I think he also said exposure was 1-2 
days.  We had just gotten home from vacation to West Virginia so I could 
have been exposed to anything on the trip home that could have caused 
mine.  While I have sensitive skin, I have never ever had hives 
before.  And I've not had them again (and hope never to, they were awful!)

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