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[IP] Re: A1c and Malingering

On Friday, March 28, 2003, Rachel Keeler" <email @ redacted 

> even though I have never and would never
> report false readings to my doctors, I am very bad about writing down 
> my blood
> sugars, and often will go weeks at a a time without writing them down, 
> and then
> will just go into my meter and get all of the old readings out and 
> write them
> down on logs. In the old days, I would sometimes do this and use a 
> bunch of
> different pens when writing them all down

LOL   I use a 24/7 calendar as my log (I write down LOTS of things, but 
I leave it at home, so sometimes am copying into it from meter or pump 
memory).  When I am going to be discussing things with the doctor or 
CDE, I sometimes transcribe some of these things (like the bg and 
insulin, total carb, length of exercise) usually onto a copy of the 
chart in the back of the 2nd Pumping Insulin book.  There are a lot of 
cross-outs in my  calendar, from writing the wrong number, or in the 
wrong place, etc. -- and lots of stains <gr.>.  For someone else's 
serious scrutiny, I always figure that neatness will actually help, and 
my many abbreviations, bad hand writing, and mention of things that are 
none of their business will just confuse them.  And I think I've gotten 
my current doctor to understand that this is the information  it is 
pertinent to evaluate for changes in my treatment.  I don't include 
days where I had done something like going to an Italian wedding and 
guessing boluses (except maybe sometimes if I was just really, really 
successful at it <gr.>), or did something else it is not worth figuring 
out how to handle again.  I also don't include specific data on days 
when I am in a deep depression or something that keeps me from taking 
adequate  control of the things I know how to do, but just wasn't 
doing, although I will mention that they have been occurring if there 
are many of them.  But that is a different issue, and it isn't 
pertinent to look at them when evaluating basals and boluses. (Though 
perhaps sometimes pertinent to look at for other reasons <gr.>)

So how these techniques will transfer to downloaded data has been 
bothering me.  I notice on my new BD Logic meter that I can "mark" 
readings that I don't want to be included in data, but it looks like I 
have to do it right at the time of testing -- I think that is true on 
most meters that have that feature?
Maybe I am just going to have to figure out how to write my own program 
to display the data I want to display <gr.>.  The doctor's welcome to 
look at it all, just not to use it to make changes in my basals or 
boluses <gr.>.

Linda Z
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