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Re: [IP] test scores when low

Absolutely she should be allowed to make up the test.  And absolutely she
should be told that exceptions CAN be made based on her blood sugars.  When
blood glucose is low, the brain is literally being starved.  Therefore, she
canNOT show what she truly knows about any given subject matter.  High and
low blood glucose levels affect function.  It's a fact.  This is not to say
that she can skip a test just because she doesn't feel like taking it.  But
if she has a quantifiable reason to delay testing, such as a low or high
blood glucose reading on her glucometer, she should be allowed to do so.
Many students have provisions for bg testing and academic testing written
into their 504s.


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I don't want my daughter to think
> exceptions can be made based on her blood sugars.  I also realize this
> of thing can happen on future tests and don't want her diabetes to become
> excuse for poor grades.  How have any of you handled this situation?
> Thanks. Barb Dame
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