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Re: [IP] UltraSmart

>Anyone used the OneTouch UltraSmart yet? Is it worth the cost, etc.? I'm 
>thinking of getting one, but want to see what experienced users say. Thanks.

I got mine about a week ago.  I like it well enough, but IMO I have a hard 
time reading the screen without the backlight on.  I think they could have 
done a little better with the contrast of the letters against the 
background.  I haven't downloaded or installed the software, since it 
installs at the same time it downloads (no option to download an executable 
file and install later) and the computer I have connected to the internet 
doesn't have an available serial port to connect the meter to.  I have a 
second computer that I wanted to install it to, but this one's not 
connected to the internet so I can't download and install it to that 
one.  Lifescan tells me to network the two computers together and run it 
that way.  Thank you, but no thank you.  Not bashing them, but I personally 
don't see why they can't have the program install a bit differently and 
give some different options.  Anyhow.... I haven't used all the features on 
the UltraSmart since I'm not one to enter in everything I do in a 
day.  But, it's a nice little meter, I keep telling myself that I need to 
take the book out and just learn a few of the other features it offers.  I 
am, however, disappointed in the software install.  YMMV.

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