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Re: [IP] Getting a Pump

> And it is SOOOO small (even smaller
> than the new MM Paradigm) but has the full 300 unit cartrdige!!  And quite
> frankly I think it is the neatest, least medical looking device ont he
> today!

Actually, while the Cozmo is fairly small, it isn't quite THAT small.  It is
a teeny tiny bit thicker than my MM507, which is larger than the Paradigm.
Otherwise, its measurements are comparable to the MM50X series pumps.

Some look less like medical devices than others, but I do have to agree.
Pagers have gotten so small that I no longer feel my 507 compares to one.
But the Cozmo really DOES look like a phone.  The only thing that gives it
away is the fact that it has only four buttons, not three times that many.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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