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Re: [IP] test scores when low


  In the future, make sure your daughter has a small snack with her at her 
desk on test day.  Just to be on the safe side, and depending on how big of a 
test it is, she may benefit from testing and/or just have a small snack 
(couple of crackers or something, maybe even sucking on a piece of hard candy 
(not SF) This might keep her up enough where she will be able to concentrate 
more.  When Josh took those big national exams (can't remember the name) back 
in 3rd grade, the school actually provided snacks for the kids.  We are 
talking a few hours each day for 2 weeks!!  Josh checked his BGs and went 
from there!  He did VERY well on the exam to prove it too!!!  The next year 
he took the WASL tests (something just here in WA state) and again they wre 
long and grueling.  AGain, the school provided snacks and we also contributed 
and he did very well.

Good Luck!  Oh, I actually have in Josh 504 plan his being able to have 
access to food/drink anytime/anywhere, but especially during tests!!!

mom to Joshua
now 11 but was 8-9 for the tests
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