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Re: [IP] Re A1c and Malingering - JOKE

>>> I am very bad about writing down my blood sugars, and often will go
weeks at a a time without writing them down, and then will just go into my
meter and get all of the old readings out and write them down on logs. In
the old days, I would sometimes do this and use a bunch of different pens
when writing them all down so I could trick my doctors into thinking that I
hadn't done them all at once. >>>

 what is the problem with going back into your meter and writing them down all
at once?
 I do this and I don't bother to change pens. The problem is when you notice
those big gaps where you took a day off from testing but don't want to admit it,
so you make up a few numbers...used to do this in high school.

:( bad Jhenn
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