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Re: [IP] test scores when low

IMHO being a diabetic of 20 some years now, I kinda get stupid when my b/s
goes low, I am dislexic(and a crappy speller too;)) and I deal with it just
fine until I am trying to read or do math when my sugar is low, then the
numbers and letters jump all over then place, mind you it is a good sign of
being low for me;). I think they should let her retest, she has a medical
condition that interfered with her ability to take the test up to her
Tami in Tucson

My daughter (age 8) took a math test this morning while she was low and
couldn't concentrate.  She went to the office to check after the test and
was in the 50's.  She ended up getting six problems wrong on the test and
was very upset about it.  She had been studying her times tables all week
and was very prepared for the test.  Here's my question:  Do I expect the
teacher to let her do a make-up test?  I don't want my daughter to think
exceptions can be made based on her blood sugars.  I also realize this type
of thing can happen on future tests and don't want her diabetes to become an
excuse for poor grades.  How have any of you handled this situation?
Thanks. Barb Dame
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