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RE: [IP] OUTSTANDING customer service...Cozmo

Just wanted to tell you that Deltec called yesterday to say they are replacing
the pump with an updated one with the software upgrade for the recent error
they informed us about. I think that is great! PLUS since I have been on the
list to get the software...TREATMENT ASSISTANT..they are sending that too...no
charge! I can not ask for more!

 I am very happy with them as well! They have been Extremely supportive. I have
really loved working with George Welisezich and Craig Crease. They have been so
awesome. This has been one of the hardest and scariest things I have done in my
life and it seems that these two really understand what I have been going
through with my daughter's transition to a pump. I really like the way they have
handled this recall situation. I think that since the company was honest and
forthright about the problems with their customers, it will keep our loyalty.

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