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Re: [IP] Re A1c and Malingering

 I got a kick out of this because even though I have never and would never
report false readings to my doctors, I am very bad about writing down my blood
sugars, and often will go weeks at a a time without writing them down, and then
will just go into my meter and get all of the old readings out and write them
down on logs. In the old days, I would sometimes do this and use a bunch of
different pens when writing them all down so I could trick my doctors into
thinking that I hadn't done them all at once. I'm sure they knew exactly what I
was doing! :)

>By far the most common is that they are malingering and
>purposefully leading you and, often, their families astray. If they bring  in
>a glucose log, fairly common mistakes by patients include:
>        The same pen is used for weeks of records.
>        There is no blood on the paper.
>        There is not random distribution of the final numbers of the values.
>        (Often people fabricating logs have a digit preference and will have
>        more numbers ending in 0 or 3, for example.)
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