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[IP] Are you having a better day, LenLutz?

-- I no not of what you speak. Ive only had 7 bad days in my entire life,
and they were all due to deaths, but, i sure do appreciate you concern.

(though, id think, a post of this nature, doesnt do much, to address 
"off list", might have been more appropriate, and a little more personal, 
assuming, no hidden ajenda)

might i suggest, so as not to cause you any personal, undue,  anguish, when
you see my name, skip it..

and thanks again, so much, for you concern.

HUMOR... ask those who know me !!!

len phila pa.dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02 (is this great, or what ?)
Most of what I have learned has been taught to me by others.
I guess that means I have to teach others what I have learned
Lately It Occurs To Me
What A Long Strange Trip Its Been
(R. Hunter)
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