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Re: [IP] Eating out(long list)

>I saw a segment on TV about that - fries were supposed to have 88 in 
>the small size and they purchaser actually had 144!

The problem with things like fries is that despite their different 
sized containers, it is HIGHLY variable.  Depending on the arragement 
of the fries in the container, you can vary by 50% or more in quantity.

Most of the time, I find that the amount of carbs they say in a certain 
size is actually MORE than what is actually there.  If I bolus for what 
they say, I will go low.  Plus, what is a "large" in one market area is 
the same as a "medium" in another market area.  Plus, they change the 
names of fries sizes.

For example, at Wendy's, you used to be able to by Small, Medium, Large 
(years ago).  Then, people didn't like buying "small" sizes, so they 
changed it to Medium, Large, and Biggie.  Now, they have something like 
Large, Biggie, and Great Biggie.  The "Great Biggie" today is the same 
size that the "Large" was several years ago.  

So, what can you do?  It is a trial and error thing. 

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