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[IP] Are you having a better day, LenLutz?


I will say that I was a bit offended by your comments about naming my pump, 
until I read some of your other comments.  Two days ago you were downright 
nasty.  I hope that was just a bad day for you and not a character flaw!

I do recognize that you have been dealing with D, 11 years longer than I have 
but hoping that at one time you had a sense of humor, when did you lose it?  
Give us a break, sometimes when things are tough in order to cope, most 
people look at life with a little humor.  

In 1984 after 17 years of dealing with diabetes I became legally blind in my 
left eye.  Thank goodness that I still see fine out of my right eye!  During 
that time period my husband noticed that I was much quieter than normal and 
was worried about how I was dealing with this lack of sight problem.  When I 
looked at him and laughed and said, "I'll be okay, just think now I have two 
pairs of contacts rather than one."  With this, he knew I would be fine.

In the grand scheme of things after 35 years of diabetes I am much better off 
than the family of one of my son's friends.  They buried their 13 year old 
last week because he was hit and killed by a car while walking home from 
McDonalds.  I am so thankful that I, nor any of my family members was not the 
boy or his mother.  Isn't it good to be alive?

Please keep your chin up.  Do you realize that smiles are contagious?  Keep 
your writings to smiles rather than spiteful comments.

Cee Dee and Gil,
my cool blue Minimed 507c who is residing in my left pocket.
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