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[IP] Re: Paradigm problems

>     Hi, Ryan, Bill in Az here. Sorry you had those "E_21" alarms with 
>pump. I've had 3 of those alarms and ther are NO BIG DEAL!!!! This is 
>a safty feature that MM put in that pump. To prevent the pump from 
>re-programming it's basal rate for you like some Disertronic pumps 
>have had 
>in the past. You need to RE-READ your instruction book that came with 
>pump. If I returned my pump for each "E-21" alarm, I would have gone 
>4 by now. As I have found, "If you can't program your VCR, then the 
>might not be for you". I think MM should print their manuals in brail 
>this might help,. 

First, can't program my VCR?  I'm a software engineer.  I can program 

Second, Minimed told me that you should never see an E21 alarm, and 
their policy is to replace any pump that shows an E21.

Third, I got an E21 without any warning.  No "low battery", no "NO 
POWER".  It just went straight to E21 out of the blue, for no reason. 

Don't tell me that an E21 is "no big deal".  Minimed thinks it is, and 
so do I if my pump just spontaneously "shuts down" and loses all 
settings.  8 months problem-free and then this.  Not good.

For some odd reason on this board, if one shares a problem with a pump, 
it is assumed that they are "diss'in" the pump.  I love my 
Paradigm...but I am now concerned about it.  At 8 months of problem-
free use, I certainly have a right to be concerned.  From this point 
forward, I will not feel secure in knowing I haven't had any problems 
with my pump in the past.

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