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[IP] Jan H, response to What's in a name?

email @ redacted wrote: 

My 1st pump was called My First Pump, my 2nd pump was called My Second Pump,
and my 3rd pump was called - guess what: My Third Pump. It wasn't until I
got on IP that I chose a name. I now have the names of my next 4 pumps in
waiting. (~_^)

In response to my initial comment:

have been pumping for 19 years and have NEVER given any of the pumps a

You are far too funny!  I appreciate your humor.  I think I will call my cool 
blue MiniMed 507c,   Gil for Blue Gill.

I have been on the Insulin Pumpers list for about two years and read this 
thread off and on several times and always thought it was an interesting 
topic but really didn't think of it to be for me, but I recently went to a 
support group meeting where they had a rep from Deltec there.  All 3 or 4 of 
the pass around pumps he had to show, had names programed into them.

My warranty goes out on the MiniMed pump in June and I have told them (email 
to corporate, response to a survey, and a note to the local rep) that if they 
do not make available the Solutions software and the download cradle to the 
patient, I am gone.  Sad that a 12 year + relationship with a company that 
started with a 504-S on November 20, 1990, (with a list price of $3,495.00) 
would end just because they won't give the patient the opportunity to make 
day to day decisions regarding their health.  I find it ludicrous that they 
think it is meeting the patient's needs to basically have them set up a 
system where AT MOST the information downloaded at a doctor visit in his/her 
office one every two or three months.  Although I think my doctor is 
wonderful, he is too busy to do this for someone like me that I would 
describe as a very pro active patient.

Just my thoughts,

Cee Dee and Gil, who right now is warmly snuggled into my left hip pocket.
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