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[IP] Re: Update on our pumping experiences

-- IF i understand the thread, i run into this often....

i set a "dual" or "square" wave, eat, THEN... there becomes something else 
to eat...

I THINK, that iv heard, that the cosmo does allow, an "additional" bolus, 
on top of a "dual or square"

if so, its a great idea (IMNSHO of course)... if not, id like to see it in 
future pumps.

JAN... if i understand yout post, you appear to do, what we all have to do:
look at what we've already gotten,
cancel it,
(maybe take an immediate)
and/or reset it.....

if i didnt.........."NEVER MIND"

(it sure beats, getting the syringe out again, but it could be a little easier)
(even us engineering types, need to stop and think about this)

len phila pa.dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02 (is this great, or what ?)
Most of what I have learned has been taught to me by others.
I guess that means I have to teach others what I have learned
Lately It Occurs To Me
What A Long Strange Trip Its Been
(R. Hunter)
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