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RE: [IP] What's in a name?

At 09:03 PM 3/27/03, you wrote:
>okay, Thanks for the input everyone. I just thought it would be a 
>  change to some of the somber conversations we can have concerning our health
>I didn't mean to start a battle....but, I have noticed lately it doesn't take
>much for one to arise??? Are we feeling a little on edge lately? C'mon people
>it was a silly thing to make a big deal out of and don't you know stress can
>cause higher BS levels...LOL ;-)
>Erin, in Ri where it is finally warming up!!!

Jokes and light-hearted comments are fine to a point.  But, there's a fine 
line between jokes and nasty comments.  What happens is that, because we're 
communicating by email, no one can see our faces or hear our voice when we 
make comments.  Thus, some things may be taken differently than what was 
meant.  Using emoticons may help to let people know that the comment is not 
intended to be sarcastic or rude.   Jenny's email had nothing to do with 
what you posted, we've all been asked about naming pumps -- some do, some 
don't.  But we should take special care to make sure our emails don't sound 
like they're criticizing anyone for their choices.  My 2 cents worth.

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