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[IP] Food lists

Our MM rep had the new 2003 edition of 'The Doctors's Pocket calorie fat
and Carbohydrate Counter'. It had many more entries from several of the
restaurants than our 2002 edition. One of the one's we noticed was
Chillis. They now have more than just the few low fat meals, including
fajitas. She also had the Calorie King software on her PDA that she had
just downloaded. The PDA version was just like our 2002 book though. Just
had 4 or 5 entries for Chillis. Guiltless stuff. We like to eat the
fajitas there and had to use a roudabout way to figure the carbs ( so
much for the tortillas, so much for this and that). Would be so much
easier to use the correct number. Most of the restaurant info in this
book seems to be fairly accurate according to our carb counting and
insulin to carb ratios. We are thinking about getting her a PDA with some
of the software for her birthday in July. Having a search feature instead
of looking up in a book might be handy.

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