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[IP] Non Diabetes Questions

I was wondering if anyone could help me with some stuff that may or may not 
be diabetes related.   If this is not appropriate, I apologize, but I'm not 
sure where else to go with questions like this.
1) I get really, really hot when I sleep.  I wake my fiance up I radiate so 
much heat.  I rarely can use a blanket, I almost always just use a 
sheet.  My feet, especially, get hot.  For example, last night, it was 40 
degrees.  I was actually comfortable with a sheet and my window open.
2) I have developed a corn.  How do you handle those?
3) I get dry skin in my private area, and it seems no matter what I do, it 
recurs.  Any cream for this?  It gets so dry and flaky it bleeds.
By the way, as I don't post much, I will give my diabetes related info.
I am type 1, have been for almost 20 years, been pumping for almost 5 (I 
think).  My last two A1Cs were 5.3 and 5.4, my cholesterol is great, as 
well as my blood pressure.  I have no complications.
So, can anyone help me, or refer me to someone who can?
I've asked my doctors and they seem to think it is in my imagination (the 
heat).  I do have malignant hyperthermia, and I wonder if that could be the 
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