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Re: [IP] Eating out(long list)

> Sorry so long, but I thought you might be interested to know what
> are in the book.  The only bad thing is it was written in 1999 so some
> items are no longer available and newer menu items are not listed.  If you
> see a restaurant that you eat at, and would like the carbs on some menu
> items, feel free to email me.

one thing i read recently in the paper was that a number of fast food
restaurants in Canada (possibly the u.s. too) were serving food in different
sizes than what the nutritional info said was supposed to be.  normally they
were larger portions, like more fries or something like that.  i wish i'd
clipped the article.

tim horton's was having some problems with donuts being larger than they
were supposed to be, so they've clamped down on donut sizes... going to
frozen, pre-made donuts.  ick!  but that would mean that if someone was
going by the nutritional info, they would have not been taking enough
insulin for what they were eating.
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