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Re: [IP] Question on infusion sites


  If you look at the underside of a Quick Set you will see that it is 
recessed around where the canula is attached.  I don't know why they chose to 
do this (HINT HINT to any MM people reading this!!!) but that is why the area 
is raised.  Your skin was literally being pushed up into that recessed area 
for three days.  It should naturally go down and for most people the redness 
goes away after a short time.  For Joshua, the pumper, we have been using 
Neosporin on all his old sites. This has greatly helped all healing process 
and his skin looks really good after 3+ years of pumping...very little, if 
any scarring!  His endo is very pleased.  This is what works for us.  But the 
raised area is really nothing to be concerned about.  It is the design of the 

mom to Joshua
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