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Re: [IP] Update on our pumping experiences

> We forget
> what we went through setting up these numbers and getting to the numbers
> *experientially* use today. Carb counting didn't come along until '94.
> Newbies really can't be compared to what we do now since we even started
> differently. What we know now we didn't know then. It didn't happen
> overnight. (~_^)

I know somebody said that carb counting has been done since before 1994, but
I know it wasn't commonplace before then.  I remember when I started
pumping -- yes, there was some flexibility.  I got started after they
offered multiple basal rates, so I could make lunch two hours later one day,
or not eat breakfast, etc., and everything didn't fall apart because of

But there was a lot of rigidity, too.  I ate according to the same meal
plan.  My doses did not vary.  I *was* given instructions to do something
similar to carb counting if I wanted to eat more, but I treated my diabetes
according to similar instructions to what the MDI patients did.  My official
meal plan, though I often didn't bother with this part, had me eating snacks
between meals, too, with no supplemental insulin.  That's just the way it
was done, then, at least according to my doctor's instructions.

The flexibility we have today, with customized treatment to the individual
is really so much better.  We find the carb to insulin ratio that fits
*ourselves,* not what the majority of the doctor's patients use.  We correct
highs by another ratio that fits us as individuals, instead of the sliding
scale that I used for *years* after diagnosis.  Basals are well fine tuned,
so it actually works if the meal is late.

Many times, I've mentioned what I was told at diagnosis, that if I had to
have diabetes, 1985 was the year to get it.  Well, with the great
improvements since then, ESPECIALLY with insulin pump therapy, now is the
best time to have it (at least so far).

I am so grateful for what medical technology and studies have taught so that
we have the flexibility we have today.

And, for Bill and Ute, more flexibility with fewer highs and lows will come.
It may take a rough few weeks (or even months, though hopefully less) but
once the adjustment is made, you will love the freedom pumping offers.  But,
of course, with diabetes, ALL the adjustments are NEVER made.  If only our
bodies kept working the same way, but our needs continue to change.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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