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[IP] Paradigm problems

     Hi, Ryan, Bill in Az here. Sorry you had those "E_21" alarms with your 
pump. I've had 3 of those alarms and ther are NO BIG DEAL!!!! This is a 
safty feature that MM put in that pump. To prevent the pump from 
re-programming it's basal rate for you like some Disertronic pumps have had 
in the past. You need to RE-READ your instruction book that came with your 
pump. If I returned my pump for each "E-21" alarm, I would have gone though 
4 by now. As I have found, "If you can't program your VCR, then the pump 
might not be for you". I think MM should print their manuals in brail too, 
this might help,. Email me off the list if you have any more problems or 
questions... I LOVE my Paradigm....Bill in Az... With Peter, my Paradigm 

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