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[IP] Re: Loaner Pump from MiniMed

I just arranged for a loaner 508 pump from MiniMed.  
a.  They are in the process of imposing a $50 fee for shipping and
handling, though I was not charged it as I was told they are not quite
set up for the fee processing yet (go figure).
b.  You can have the loaner for up to 90 days, but agree to return the
pump within two weeks of your return (they ask when you are leaving and
when you are returning).
c.  The form provides for a fee of $4,995 if the pump is not timely
returned (they say it is the price of purchasing the loaner pump, though
it is probably not a new pump, but one out of their pool).
I was told the pump will be sent to me prior to my departure date.  The
package will include a shipping envelope to send the pump back to them.
                Shel Miller

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