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[IP] Question on infusion sites

Just wanted to ask all the people that have been pumping longer than myself
about my insertion sites. When I go to change out my sites (last two times) it
has been red and raised up where the site has been. I use the quicksets, and
for the ones of you that use the same sets, its raised around the area of the
circle on the inside, and you can see where the cannula has been. My site from
three days ago, you can still see where it was raised at. Is this something to
be concerned about, and to call my doctor about? I am very sterile when it
comes to doing my site changes, I change every three days....religiously.....
so I don't know what could be causing it now. I've been pumping for 4 months,
using the quicksets all the time. My site from today is still red, and raised
but not like it was at first. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I hate
to call my doctor and have them laugh at me for nothing:)
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