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[IP] Carb Counting origon?

>>>>>Carb counting didn't come along until '94

 Thats something I've been wondering about ... When did carb counting start? and
do most people not on the pump use it?

I was diagnosed in '93 and started carb counting immediately

 but when I went to camp Nejeda in '94-'97 almost everyone there counted "food
groups", except for a few people who called 15g "one carb" and basically called
one serving of anything "one carb" without reading the labels

 there is another girl with D. in my highschool and she is on the pump but
doesn't count carbs! ... my mom was talking to her mother recently and says that
she's only starting to think about counting carbs now because her D. is getting
"so bad" (she has had D since she was an infant ... I first met her right after
being diagnosed and I remember her mom seemed to think the way I ate was wierd
... although I think her mom must have known my control was good (everyone in
school thinks she has "bad" D. and I just have it "slightly"))

Does anyone on this list and on a pump not count carbs?

Just Wondering
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