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[IP] Re: Paradigm Battery issue


I had a similar problem with my Paradigm.  

 For the first 3-4 months that I was on the pump (my first pump had 1.7
software)I consistently got 3-4 weeks out of a battery and well over six hours
(up to 24)after a "low battery" alarm. Then, for no apparent reason, I started
getting just 1-2 weeks. I assumed that this was normal because I was told this
was the expected battery life when I got my pump.

 After 8 months of pumping I had an E21 alarm and was sent a new pump (note: the
customer help person said that they would send me a refurbished one, but the
next day a new one (still in the wrapping along with the case, holster and
literature) showed up on my doorstep). I had this pump for only three weeks.
Each battery lasted only a week in this new pump (with 2.0 software). The first
and third batteries (these were from different boxes) gave a "low battery" alarm
and then a "no power" alarm less than an hour later.

 The second time this happened I called Minimed and told them all of this. They
sent me a refurbished pump, saying that it was probably just that the metal
prong inside the battery cap needed to be cleaned, but that since I had had the
problem multiple times they would send me another pump. The next day I really
did get a refurbished pump (in the little white box the give you to send the old
pump back in). This pump looks brand new and just like my old one - there was
NOTHING about it it that did not seem brand new. It has given me no trouble for
the past nine weeks. My batteries seem to be back to lasting 3-4 weeks and I am
getting "low battery" warnings in ample time. I am very happy with Minimed's
service and with the new pump they sent me. The only problem I have ever had
with them was that there was a long wait (15-20 min) on the phone (this was,
however, before the customer service improvement letter).

 I think that if you want your pump to be replaced there are several important
things you need to convey (I think these are the reasons they replaced my pump):
1.  there have been recurring battery problems 
2.  you have tried batteries from different boxes
 3. these were Energizer batteries and were stored in dry conditions and a
moderate temperature
 4. emphasize your worry that the "low battery" warnings are not coming early
enough and your pump may run out of power while you are sleeping (rather than
the fact that the batteries are not lasting long) - they seem to be trained to
say the batteries are expected to last 1-2 weeks, but if you express a valid
worry that the pump may not be medically safe, they have to replace it

 Hope this helps anyone having problems with their Paradigm, or pump shoping and
wondering about the Paradigm's issues.

D since age seven, July 1993  ... Clear Paradigm Pump since 6/4/02
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