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Re: [IP] Getting a Pump


  We just had our rep at our recent support group meeting last week.  This 
was my first hands-on with the Cozmo.  I have their info packet and video but 
never had seen it in person!!  Well, I can't wait to get this pump for my 
son.  The idea of being able to program the pump by using my PC (it has an 
infra red sensor and comes with the software and required cable), it reminds 
you to bolus after eating (based on specific times you may eat-like for Josh 
at school for lunches) Some of the pump wearers at Deltec actually use this 
feature to remind them to EAT!!!!  IT has 4 basal profiles and 8 or 10 
temporary profiles that can be used, it will do the carb calculations and 
bolus the EXACT amount of insulin needed AND keep track of the unused 
insulin, which will help ensure that the person wearing it does not over 
bolus themselves, and SOOOO much more..  And it is SOOOO small (even smaller 
than the new MM Paradigm) but has the full 300 unit cartrdige!!  And quite 
frankly I think it is the neatest, least medical looking device ont he market 
today!  It is shaped and looks just like the Nokia style cell phones (this 
was apparently done on purpose!)

So I sound excited about this pump??   You bet!!  But this is me.  I would 
never force someone to use something just because I prefer it.  Get the info 
packets from ALL the companies (don't forget the new Nipro that will be out 
around June) and see for yourself.  Do some 'test driving' using saline 

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua-currently on his WONDERFUL Dis H-Tron+ pumps but anxious to get 
the Cozmo!!!
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