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[IP] Newbies / was update

I just wanted to thank Jan for standing up for me.  :-)  You seem to
understand what I was trying to say, even if everyone else didn't.  I guess
what is written below was what I really meant:

I didn't tell Bill and his wife NOT to eat out.  I just mentioned that when
"I" started MY CDE recommended I didn't.  I found this worked well for ME
when I set my basals.  When I retest MY basals I make sure to eat low fat,
low protein meals beforehand and that way I have a good baseline to check.
Then once my basals are in order I can tackle take-out and restaurants.
HOWEVER, I normally eat low fat and low protein and rarely eat out, so if I
did eat out on days that I was testing basals I would very definitely have
bad results.

I also mentioned excercise.  In my case I TRY to work out regularly, but it
doesn't always happen.  That is why I have three patterns on my MM508, one
for normal days, one for excercise days, and one for sick days.   I basal
test the non-normal days once or twice a year, and the normal ones every
season.  I've just started testing the normal ones again and they are a
little off.

Again, I made sure to say YMMV, so that I wouldn't get blasted.  I wanted to
make sure that Bill and his wife knew that eating out might give eratic
results.  Once the basals are set well, it makes it easier to tackle eating
out and finding what works for certain foods.  I also didn't know if Bill
and his wife had been carb counting for a while or not.  I started carb
counting only 3 months before I started pumping, so it was still pretty new
to me.  After 4 years I am still working on it.  This could also play a roll
in eating out.

-- Sherry
Who just spent her 2 cents.  :-)
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