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[IP] Day 3 with the "pump"

Wow. Lot's of good advice. We are having a much better day today. Still
ate out once, but for us, with out busy schedule ( teenager on Spring
Break) and we both work, that is the norm. We talked to the Endo and the
pump nurse and changed the basals, lower in the evening form 6-12 and
higher from midnight to 6am. We also figured out we are having to change
the midset from having x units of Lantis to having a small amout of
Novalog all the time. Had our 1st low battery alarm, probably wore the
first one out with all the day 1 alarms. Tomorrow we get to do our second
site change, but the first resevore change. 
Our pump nurse assures us it will get better within a few days, and i
guess we beleive her now.
Thanks for all the help.


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