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Re: [IP] Getting a pump

 My Mom has been a MiniMed pumper since 1984 and loves them. When she upgraded
from her 507 to her Paradigm she didn't even look at any other company, she just
stuck with MiniMed. Since I started with her 507 to see if I wanted to go on a
pump after 16 years of shots and being out of control, I found that not pumping
all those years was foolish. I really like the MiniMed and from what my Mom has
said they are a great company, but she too is having problems with her Paradigm
and the batteries as well as having problems filling her reservoirs. Has anyone
else had problems with them?
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I currently have a minimed, but as a "new" pumper, what made you decide the 
minimed (I'll assume the paradigm).


> Hi,
> I've just decided to get the pump, and I was finding it tough to decide, but
>I'd say minimed looked the best from my point of view....
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