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[IP] Reply to Peter About Paradigm Upgrade and Battery Life

            Good question Peter.  With the two Paradigm pumps I have used I
have replaced the battery soon after the "Low Battery" alarm occurs.  I have
never experimented to see how long the pump will operate after the first "Low
Battery" alarm.  My first pump was in use from Aug 02 until last Feb and the
second in use since Feb.  All batteries for both pumps have lasted at least 26
days and a couple lasted 28 days.  All batteries have been alkaline
"Energizers" or "Energizer MAX."

            The first Paradigm was returned to MiniMed in exchange for the
second after I experienced a second E21 error when replacing a battery.  Each
time I reentered the time and date and basals (two minutes tops) and it was
fine.  But even if it was easy to put back in service these E21 errors are not
acceptable and MM swapped it out for me.
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